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Now that you have all the necessary information about your financial situation, the next step is to create an action plan. You do not need to prepare much more for debt counseling. Have you followed the advice we went through in our guide from steps 1-4, you have everything you need (including debts, expenses and income).

In Sweden, there is fantastic help from the municipalities. With the information you have gathered about your financial situation, you can get help through a budget and debt adviser. A budget and debt adviser gives you advice, support and ideas to get your finances organized.

This opportunity is entirely up to you and you decide if you want to move on. The budget and debt adviser has a duty of confidentiality and it is completely free of charge. To facilitate your everyday life and ease the pressure on debt, this can be a great alternative.


Book a meeting with a budget and debt adviser

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The city administration in your municipality is responsible for the booking.

Contact budget and debt advisors here.

To bring along and think about before the meeting with the debt counselor is compiled here

  • All household income such as salary, allowance or allowance.
  • Bills such as rent, electricity, telephone or other expenses.
  • All households’ debts, for example from the petitioner or the debt collection company.
  • All persons in the latest declaration of the household (the yellow and white striped pages).

The Consumer Agency is working to help consumers with their finances. They also inform about important issues that you should consider on their website. If you want to test making a budget, you also have the opportunity to do this.


How does budgeting and debt counseling help?

The counseling helps you keep track of your everyday finances like how you, for example, checkout, set up a budget and keep track of your bills. If you have debts, you can also get help taking control of them.

At the first meeting you do a survey of the financial situation. The survey then forms the basis for the counseling. Together you will agree on long and short goals. At the first meeting, it is important to bring documents related to your finances to have something to base your conversation on.


Debt settlement

If you or someone you know has payment problems or is indebted, there is help to get budget and financial restructuring of the municipalities’ budget and debt advisers. The application is made to the Corona Magistrate and they investigate and decide on debt restructuring. Budget and debt counseling helps with preparation for a possible debt restructuring application. In addition, you receive support during the Kronofogden investigation and during the debt restructuring process.

Debt restructuring means that heavily indebted people can get help with their debts. This means that they are partially released from the obligation to pay their debts. It is called debt restructuring. The program is very tough and the indebted person can live on a minimum of living, usually for five years. All income above the minimum subsistence level should be used to pay off the debts according to the plan of remediation decided for you. The application for debt restructuring at the Corona Magistrate can be made via e-services and form. More information about the application can be found here.